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Dora Franklin Finley African-American Heritage Trail
355 N. Ann St
Mobile, AL 36603


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P.O. Box 40926
Mobile, AL 36640 


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1 Hour, 2 Hour and Walking Tours
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Louise Gillette

If you’re ever in Mobile, AL and want to experience civil rights history in its fullness take the AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE TRAIL tour. 

Master Tour Guide extraordinaire, Karlos Finley, will give you the knowledge of Mobile’s civic rights giants in full detail…because “WE ALREADY KNOW”!!

Sistas Road Trip ~ Alabama 2023!

L Rena Beckham

the highlight to me was the history of the Clotilda and the African people brought here on it. They were of differentctribes but had to band together to make an entirely new life for themselves and descendants in a world that was thrust on them.

Emily Horton

Best history tour ever. It goes everywhere, all over Mobile. The only thing to add might be more residential structures, but really, this is an outstanding city history tour. Recent and ongoing research about the first residents of Africatown is very well presented. Ask for a bibliography because there’s lots to read about after the tour.

Belinda B

Our family enjoyed the tour and learning history that hadn't been completely told. Will visit again to see the new museum and other exhibits. Very informative and I highly recommend, if visiting Mobile. Job well done preserving and restoring Africatown.

David Knox

My wife and I have done the Dora Franklin Finley African-American Heritage Trail of Mobile 3 times now and we learn something new each time. This should be a must if you are ever in Mobile, AL. Eric Finley is an excellent historian! Thank you, Eric. I know we will see you again next year 

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